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Blended Paediatric 12 Hour First Aid Course

Blended Paediatric 12 Hour First Aid Course

115.00 (Excl VAT at 20%)


Course date:

This blended course combines 6 hours of practical training in the classroom, with 6 hours of interactive e-learning.

The syllabus for the course meets the requirements of OFSTED as stated in DfES guidance (April 2017)
Both parts of the course must be completed to achieve the full 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course.

E-learning component: Students have 12 months to complete the online course once a login has been issued. The pass rate for the online final assessment is 80%, multiple attempts can be made. An electronic certificate is available for the student to download on successful completion.

Classroom component: Choose your classroom date below, these courses are held at Worksafe head office, Alliance Close, Nuneaton, CV11 6LJ (Contact us for details of courses in other areas)